Molescroft Parish Council List of Contacts

If there is a question you want to ask about what the Parish Council has done, is doing or plans to do then contact the Clerk of the Council in the first place. He will provide you with information if he has it available or he will advise you where the information can be obtained.

If you want to book the Pavilion then contact Caretaker - Andrew Saint/Peter Wiles on 07908 654030

List of Molescroft Parish Council Contacts
Name Email Telephone
Cllr Mike Hildyard (Chairman) 01482 868765
Cllr Mac Fleming (Vice Chairman) 01482 869631
Cllr Chris Coates 07997 506920
Cllr Pam Lockyer 07766087880
Cllr Bryan Gregory 07787 163335
Cllr Barbara Hanneman
Cllr Chris Linthwaite
Cllr Peter Ranson 01482 870689
Cllr Margery Smith 07800536559
Cllr Jackie Heffer 07715962108
Cllr David Boynton 07800536559
Cllr Mike Jackson
Eve Williams (clerk) 07522 198124

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on 21st March 2019