What We Do

The Molescroft Parish Council is part of the layer of local Government nearest the community in England. It is democratically elected and should be responsible to the community it serves. Molescroft Parish Council meets once month (at the Pavilion) and the time, date and agenda for the meetings are published via the Parish Noticeboards around the Parish.

Services for the community provided by the Parish are limited both by the law and by the amount of money available to the Council. The income of the Parish Council is provided purely by levying an amount via the Council Tax called the precept. The Parish Council has limited the budget to £28100 for the precept 2014/15, equivalent to £10.74 for a Band D property.

The table below lists some of the powers of the Council and how they have been used. For a full list of potential powers of a Parish/Town Council - Word download (61kb)

What M.P.C Does
Services Powers of the Council What M.P.C. does
Allotments Power to Provide Allotments provided on Malton Rd
Bus Shelters Power to provide & maintain Shelters provided on Driffield Rd
Bye Laws Power to make bye-laws for open spaces No drinking zone on Woodhall Way fields
Clock Power to provide public clocks Provision of clock on the Pavillion
Closed Churchyards Power to maintain St Mary's Cemetery on Molescroft Rd is part of the Parish but has become the responsibility of ERYC
Conference Facilities Power to Provide Pavilion
Community Centres Power to provide & equip for use of athletic, social or educational club Pavilion and the Woodhall Way playing fields The Parish Centre was also provided by the Parish Council but now has it's own management committee
Education Right to apppoint school govorners Governors appointed at Molescroft Primary
Litter Power to provide bins Litter bins provided on Parish public spaces
Parish Property Power to direct as to their custody Council decided to maintain control of the Pavilion directly
Public Buildings & Village Hall Power to acquire land to provide recreation grounds, public walks and open spaces & to manage and control them The Council has acquired the Woodhall Way field
Recreation Power to acquire land to provide recreation grounds, public walks and open spaces & to manage and control them Woodhall Way playing fields. The Parish has provided the All Weather Play Area and the new Young Children Play Area with the help of additional funds from outside bodies such as WREN
Planning Right to be consulted on planning applications Plans come to the Parish Council for comment but not for final approval - that belongs to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Traffic Calming Powers to contribute financially top schemes The Parish has contributed to traffic islands on Woodhall Way and street lighting in Pig Hill Lane  
War Memorials Powers to maintain, repair, protect and adapt The Parish maintains the Parish War Memorial in the Pavilion

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on 21st March 2019