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It is a while since my last article and I hope that this finds all Molescroft residents having an enjoyable summer. 

Traditionally, August is known as the 'summer recess' with no formal Council meetings scheduled. However in Molescroft the summer months have proved very busy with lots of effort to progress key improvements at the Pavilion. It is timely then to share an update on developments and Council news,.

Petanque comes to Molescroft,.

You may have noticed that there is a new community PETANQUE facility installed at the Pavilion. This is now open to all for use but there will be an official launch of the site in Autumn 2019 involving colleagues from East Riding of Yorkshire Council. I hope you agree that this is a fantastic new amenity for all ages and abilities.  

The project was funded by way of commuted sums which put simply is a pot of money allocated by ERYC to successful projects. The money is provided as a result of local housing development within the East Riding area and is intended to enable more active lifestyles, play and recreation, thus making the most of green spaces within the Parish. All Councils can bid for funds and ERYC decide how this is allocated. The Contractors worked incredibly hard and in some tricky weather at times to complete the Petanque court. Well done and a big thanks to all involved!

Pavilion Improvements,.

In addition to the external works, there has been a great deal of effort to improve the facilities at the Pavilion including new room space, decoration, toilet facilities and practical changes behind the scenes for example improved hot water supply! Whilst enhancements will continue through the year, the changes achieved over summer are amazing and help make for a much improved, accessible and flexible community facility. Again, a big thank you to all involved in making this happen. 

Clerk activity behind the scenes,.

The External Auditor has completed the review of the Councils financial audit and risk processes. The judgement received from them is 'unqualified' which means there are no matters of note or improvement actions. Again, this is great news for the Council and local residents and further affirms the Council as being well managed and to required standards. Official documents confirming this can be found in the documents section of the website, entitled AGAR. 

Also, the Parish Council is required to meet the East Riding Minimum Operating Standards (ERMOS) and is assessed annually against certain quality standards. I have recently submitted this and await the outcome, fingers crossed!


As Autumn approaches Council business turns towards reviewing priorities for 2020/21 and setting budgets, including the local council tax levy, known as precept. So, many busy months ahead when I work with Councillors to best serve the residents and businesses of the Parish. For information, full Council meetings resume 19th September 2019, 7pm at the Pavilion, Woodhall Way, Molescroft and thereafter every thursday of the month. 

Need to contact the Council?

If you have any issues, questions and or concerns that you wish to share, please contact me directly by email Alternatively you can contact your Councillors by email also. Please see the contact page of the website for more details. Indeed, if you wish to attend Council meetings, again, please do let me know. 

Best wishes for the rest of the summer. 

Eve Williams 

Clerk to the Council



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