Actions of the Parish Council during Covid-19 Outbreak.

In relation to the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, at the Parish Council Meeting held on 19th March 2020, the Council resolved that the day to day operations of the Council, for the extent of the period of constraint by the Coronavirus, be delegated to the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman and/or the Vice Chairman. Subject to legislation, the minutes from this meeting will be approved via email. All future meetings will be cancelled until further notice, but the Pavilion will be kept open until Government advice instructs otherwise.

The Pavilion will remain open to allow Andrew and Peter to carry out maintenance work, whilst adhering to government advice in regards to social distancing.

Cllr Heffer has formed Beverley Mutual Aid, a group providing support to vulnerable members of the community. It has been agreed that the Parish Council will donate £100 to the group, to pay for the printing of flyers to be distributed in the local area.

Full Council

The Parish Council meets monthly on the third Thursday with the exception of August which is known as the summer recess. Agendas are circulated one week prior to the meeting and as members of the public you are welcome to attend the Council meetings. However, may I ask that you contact me, the Clerk, to advise of your intention to attend and if you wish to speak or table questions.

All minutes and actions are formally recorded and made available for public review once agreed by Council. In reality this means that minutes are posted two months after the original meeting.

In addition to the full Council, there are a number of Sub Committees as detailed below. Councillors are elected to these and the Committees convene as and when required. Sub committees can make decisions and recommendations to Council for full adoption.

The Annual Parish Meeting takes place once a year in May and is an opportunity for all residents to attend and raise matters of interest to them. It is also the place where the Chairman and Vice Chair of the Council are proposed and elected. This is especially important in an election year. The Annual Parish Meeting is held in addition to the eleven Parish Council meetings which take place throughout the year in Molescroft. The Annual meeting enables the Council to review achievements and update Parishioners on key issues and have open discussions on what is happening within your community.

2020/21 Committee Membership


Organisation/Committee 2020/21 Representative
Chairman Councillor Hildyard
Vice Chairman Councillor Fleming
Sub Committees
Pavilion Sub Committee Councillors Fleming, Hanneman & Heffer
Planning Sub Committee Councillors Hildyard & Linthwaite
Website Sub Committee Councillors Hildyard, Fleming, Lockyer & Heffer

Information Management
(to include Data Protection)

Councillor Linthwaite & Mrs Laura George (Clerk)
Personnel, Equality and Human Rights Councillors Hildyard, Heffer & Locker
Partner/External Liaison
Police Liaison Councillor Heffer 
Press Liaison Councillor Hildyard & Mrs Laura George (Clerk)
Beverley Renaissance Councillors Hildyard & Fleming
Parish Centre Representatives Councillor Hanneman
Beverley Braves Councillor Linthwaite

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