Actions of the Parish Council during Covid-19 Outbreak.

In relation to the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, at the Parish Council Meeting held on 19th March 2020, the Council resolved that the day to day operations of the Council, for the extent of the period of constraint by the Coronavirus, be delegated to the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman and/or the Vice Chairman. Subject to legislation, the minutes from this meeting will be approved via email. All future meetings will be cancelled until further notice, but the Pavilion will be kept open until Government advice instructs otherwise.

The Pavilion will remain open to allow Andrew and Peter to carry out maintenance work, whilst adhering to government advice in regards to social distancing.

Cllr Heffer has formed Beverley Mutual Aid, a group providing support to vulnerable members of the community. It has been agreed that the Parish Council will donate £100 to the group, to pay for the printing of flyers to be distributed in the local area.

The Parish Council is keen to ensure that as best as possible, residents and visitors feel and remain safe when out and about in the Parish. As such, the Parish Council proactively engages with the local Policing team, who attend the Parish Council meetings at intervals throughout the year.

Please look out for the latest update described in the Council minutes! Also, please take a look at the latest news release provided by the police for your community. This includes details of crime levels and things to look out for and tips on staying safe and sound. This is not meant to overly alarm but to help put you in the picture.

Bike thefts

Thefts of pedal cycles remain a priority in and around Beverley with a number of cycles being stolen. It is without doubt that the persons responsible for these thefts are known to some local residents and if anyone with any information can come forward and provide either the Police or Crimestoppers with information then those responsible can be targeted and dealt with for these offences.

For cycle owners it is imperative not to leave your cycle unattended without a good quality lock fitted. DO NOT ADVERTISE YOUR CYCLE TO CRIMINALS.

On a further note may we welcome all residents to the new non emergency reporting number 101 which is replacing the 0845 60 60 222 number.

101 is now the number to call when you want to contact your local Police – when its less urgent than 999. For further information please visit

There is a Neighbourhood Watch group operating in the Parish based on The Cedar Grove and Fairlawn. Further detailsare available from Cllr. Mac Fleming

Non Emergency Telephone Number 101 Used to report low level crime i.e Anti Social Behaviour, Criminal Damage etc

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