What happens and what matters?

The Parish Council is consulted on applications for developments within the Parish of Molescroft. When received, all Councillors are made aware of the application and all relevant supporting documentation for example elevations, location and site plans are reviewed.

If deemed necessary a site visit may be convened but not as a matter of routine. Each application is considered on its merits and is discussed at the earliest Parish Council Meeting prior to the Council providing consultee comments and any recommendation to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

All recommendations are derived having considered the "material planning considerations" detailed below.

Material Planning Consideration: what they are and why they are important

Material planning considerations are many and extraordinarily varied.   They include all the fundamental factors involved in land-use planning, such as:

  • the number, size, layout, siting, density, design and external appearance of buildings,
  • the proposed means of access,
  • landscaping,
  • impact on the neighbourhood and
  • the availability of infrastructure.

Examples of factors that may be taken into account as "material planning considerations" in the decision-making process may include:

  • Planning history of the site
  • Overshadowing
  • Overlooking and loss of privacy
  • Adequate parking and servicing
  • Overbearing nature of the proposal
  • Loss of trees
  • Loss of ecological habitats
  • Archaeology
  • Contamination by a previous use
  • Effect on Listed Building(s) and Conservation Areas
  • Access and highways safety
  • Traffic generation
  • Noise and disturbance from the scheme
  • Disturbance from smells
  • Public visual amenity
  • Flood risk
  • Planning gain

Examples of factors that cannot normally be considered as "material planning considerations" are:

  • Loss of value to an individual property
  • Loss of a private individual's view
  • Boundary disputes including encroachment of foundations or gutters
  • Private covenants or agreements
  • The applicant's personal conduct or history
  • The applicant's motives
  • Potential profit for the applicant or from the application
  • Private rights to light
  • Private rights to way
  • Damage to property
  • Loss of trade to individual competitors
  • Age, health, status, background and work patterns of the objector
  • Time taken to do the work
  • Building and structural techniques
  • Matters covered by other statute
  • Alcohol or gaming licence

East Riding Council: Roles and Responsibilities

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council has overall responsibility for deciding on all planning applications within the County and Parish of Molescroft. They offer a number of e-planning services, including Public Access enabling residents to view, track and comment on current applications, view live application plans and documents, submit a planning application on line, view past decision notices, and view Planning Committee agendas, reports and minutes.

For further advice on planning matters please contact www.eastriding.gov.uk

Extending or altering your home? Some positive pointers

Always talk to your neighbours about what you are trying to achieve.

Ring the East Riding Planning Office (01482 393647) and explain to them what you intend to do - they will be able to advise you if you need full planning permission or not.

If, for example, you are applying for a large extension or an unusual alteration, ask for a site visit, they can then advise you whether the application is feasible.

After taking on board your neighbours' views (and planning officers' comments if necessary) have your plans drawn up and submitted.

If you follow the above steps in this order, the planning process may prove less daunting and could save time in the long run

Please remember, the Parish Council are here to help and best represent the needs of the Parish. Our job is to ensure that the interests of Molescroft residents are observed in all planning matters this may mean supporting or objecting to proposals.

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