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This is the first opportunity I have had to share with you something of my experiences as the new Clerk to Molescroft Parish Council and it comes at a good time. I have now been in post 12 months and how this time has flown! I was appointed following the retirement of the previous Clerk and joined the Council having worked extensively in the Public Sector, including the Police Service, Health and Charity Sector.

The past year has seen me learn a great deal and it is a pleasure to spend time in the Parish and to hear from the residents and importantly help support the Council in their objectives. It has been a busy and challenging first year in role but with excellent support from a group of committed Councillors.

So, what do I do?

As Clerk to the Council and Responsible Financial Officer, legally I am known as the ‘Proper Officer’ of the Council and it is my responsibility to carry out the policy decisions that Molescroft Parish Council make. It is my responsibility to see that the council runs smoothly and efficiently and in accordance with legislation guiding local government activity. I also guide and advise the Council on matters of law and procedure and where needed seek advice prior to Council decisions. The Clerk role is often described as being similar to running your own business – so challenging, complex and rewarding!

One key activity I am responsible for is the clerking of all meetings, including shaping the agenda, minutes and delivering on all actions that the Council wishes to see completed. These can be many and varied!

A great deal of my time by the very nature of the role is spent dealing with essential corporate governance matters for example ensuring the Council finances are in order, audit and inspections and organising and managing people. I also however work with the Council and our partners for example ERYC to develop and deliver key projects for example work continues to secure funding for additional play and amenity provision in the Parish. This past year has also seen some important additions to the Molescroft Team, Peter Wiles joined us to work with Andrew Saint and I hope you can see the additional improvements to the Pavilion grounds and maintenance. Ensuring the parish amenities are attractive and in good order is important to the Council, hence the decision to invest.

This past year has shown me how important the Parish Council are in helping serve and shape the locality. Planning matters in the Parish are always considered at Council meetings and residents are welcome to attend the meetings to hear the discussions and to contribute.

A real highlight for me personally this past year has been to meet with Max Harris Smith and his family. I have written separately on Max’s initiative to help clean up for Molescroft. A sponsored activity to help him raise funds for his trip to America as part of an international Scout Jamboree. He is an amazing young man with a great sense of community pride. Do read the separate piece on Max’s Jamboree Journey. I have also enjoyed learning about the local Primary school and the excellent and varied activities they engage in.

One of the things I consider important as Clerk is that Council business where appropriate is visible to the community and as such at the end of the year, I will be sharing with you a summary of the things the Council has considered, contributed to and delivered. I will also write quarterly on a key issue for example it may be a project in the community. Again, if you have any key concerns or topics of interest please let me know.

For now, then, may I wish you a wonderful spring time as the days are lengthening and warming!


Best regards


Eve Williams

March 2019


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